8 Tips for a Successful Trade Show

  • Aug 12, 2019

We’ve all been there. The next big trade show is approaching and you want to make the most of it. You’re proud of your company and want to put your best foot forward. Below are 8 tips on how to do just that!


1. Totes! - Having a branded tote bag is a great way to stay in the minds of potential customers. Since there are a lot of handouts at any given trade show, eventually attendees will need a way to carry them. If they have your tote, your brand will be visible and top of mind, throughout the day!


2. The Classic - It’s a classic for a reason. Business cards are still a staple got-to in the networking toolbox. You never know who you may meet and when. Make sure to keep some handy to be able to give out a little reminder.


3. Hydrate - When wanting to sell, you need to be at your best. Staying hydrated is very important in maintaining energy and focus. It may be a simple tip, but it can make a big difference. So, before you get parched mid pitch, make sure to grab some H2O!


4. Put Your Best Foot Forward - Another easy idea that goes a long way! Standing on the convention floor can really take it out on your shoes, and feet. Bringing a change of shoes to throw on halfway will help energize you. Being energized keeps you at the top of your game to sell and network!


5. Stay Connected - A convention means many people walking the floor, each with a phone in tow. With this many phones, internet connections can become slow. With a WiFi HotSpot you’ll be able to have a strong connection at your booth. This can make all the difference in showing potential buyers your product or service, especially if they utilize the internet. 


6. Give-It-Away-Now - Having something branded to hand out is a great way to send a reminder. Once the attendees get home, the item you gave them may be the difference between being remembered or not. After they see so many products, it’s a great way to remind them of your conversation. You could even throw it in your branded tote!


7. Snack Attack - This goes hand in hand with staying hydrated and comfortable. You only have one chance to pitch and you want to make it your best. Having a snack on hand keeps you thinking about the perfect sale and not about dinner. Power up!


8. Tablet Table - Since you have that trusty WifFi HotSpot from earlier, then the tablet you bring will work like a charm. Having a tablet or tablets on your booth table allows attendees to leave their email address for future info. Also, having your site and social pages open makes it easier for them to follow you and see your brand message. 


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