Extra Promotional Item Inventory? - No Problem!

  • Jun 7, 2019

So you figured out your promotion, you decided on the graphic, item and amount. The promotion was a success (Nice!) but now you have some extra promo inventory. Below are 5 tips on what to do with that extra inventory!


1. Convention time! When visiting the next convention with your team, grab that extra promo! Handing out promotional items is a great way to have potential customers remember you at a busy convention center.


2. Mail ‘em out! Utilize your customer mailing list to do a little promoting. You could combine this with a company email for a great impact!


3. Hold a contest! This is a great way to interact directly with your customers. Start a contest on your preferred social media platform and give the winners free promo items. It’s a great win/win!


4. Handouts! Go old school and find a mall, park or store where you can hit the pavement and handout your items to potential customers. It may be old school, but it still works and it’s another opportunity to speak to your company directly!


5. Pack In Bonus! Did you ever get a prize in your cereal as a kid? That’s the fun feeling we’re going for with this method. Next time you ship out product to a customer, pack in a free promo item. As a big cereal fan, this might be my favorite!


Hopefully we sparked some great ideas. There are more uses out there so just get creative!


- Until Next time!

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