Halloween Happenings

  • Oct 1, 2020

The Halloween season is upon us again! The leaves are starting to turn orange and gold, the air is starting to get a bit colder. During this time we wanted to highlight some fun and spooky items that are perfect for the occasion. So read on, if you dare!


First up, let's check these Spooky Pens! They're perfect for writing ghost stories and also planning out your jack-o-lantern! What ideas might they bring to life? Click here to learn more - https://www.kahlerspec.com/p/ZEZGI-LQRQH/ergo-spooky-pens



Next, we'll need to start working on getting those pumpkins prepped for their makeover! These Pumpkin Scoopers should do the trick! The double edged scoop makes your work a breeze. Maybe some baked pumpkin seeds are in order? Click here for more info - https://www.kahlerspec.com/p/TKSHE-MDJYF/pumpkin-scooper



Before we head out to trick or treat, we should probably refresh our memories on safety tips for having a great trip out! This coloring book featuring Gilbert the Ghost is a fun way to learn while having fun. Customize yours here - https://www.kahlerspec.com/p/QNAGI-KBUEH/coloring-book---halloween-safety-with-gilbert-the-ghost



As you and your costumed crew head out, these glow sticks will make a perfect addition to those safety tips we learned. These glow sticks will help little ones stay visible while they adventure for candy! Learn more here - https://www.kahlerspec.com/p/WFWMG-HMMYZ/4-premium-glow-stick---variety-of-colors



Oh, and speaking of candy, don't forget your trusty candy tote bag! - https://www.kahlerspec.com/p/BGRFF-CRGKO/halloween-stock-design-orange-die-cut-bag--happy-halloween-12x15x3---flexo-ink



Or maybe you're so good at trick or treating, you'll need to upgrade to the pumpkin backpack! -  https://www.kahlerspec.com/p/MHYHK-MKKUH/pumpkin-drawstring-backpack



Also, for those of you holding down the fort during the festivities, you might want want to check out these creepy candy boxes! - See here - https://www.kahlerspec.com/p/AHZJI-LXIRD/creepy-candy-box-w-halloween-chocolate-buttons




How ever you celebrate this fun filled spooky season, we have products that will be just what Dr. Frankenstein ordered. Look through the site for more, and thanks for stopping by, have fun out there!



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