May 2022 - Take a Hike

  • May 18, 2022

We made it to May! Summer is moving in and the sun is out. As much as I appreciate this, I know someone who loves it even more and that's my dog. Getting out to inspect and explore his surroundings is second only to breakfast. With all this excitement, he'd be perfectly content bolting out the front door with no gear and jumping into adventure. But, since we live in the city, he needs his gear to safely explore. For this month I wanted to show off some of the fantastic dog products we carry (all fully customizable and available now on this very site).


First things first, we need to look cool. This bandana is a great start for your pup and will have them feeling fashion forward in no time. At this point he also is fully aware that he is about to go for a walk so I make sure to get his leash on before we get moving.


We hit the road and are on the move! My dog loves to inspect every plant and fire hydrant along the way - luckily I came prepared. He greets people and says hi to other dogs as we walk our path he knows better than me at this point. When we get to his dog park we can bust out his favorite outdoor toy, the tennis ball. My dog hasn't quite mastered retrieving, but he loves catching the ball and bringing it near me. With the sun at full blast we can get about a 20 min session in before it's time for a puppy break. I break out the portable bowl and fill it with the dog fountain. If he's hungry I'll break out the food bowl as well.


I get the look that it's time to go home to the cold hardwood floor and possibly some AC. When we arrive back home I give him another treat because he was a good boy on the walk and let him go crash on the floor. I place an order for some more tennis balls for future walks, and crash as well.

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