What Product Should I Use for My Promotion?

  • Jun 13, 2019

Deciding what product to use for your promotion may be a bit tricky. What product is the right fit? What product will work best? Where do I start? To start to answer these questions, let’s look at the four P’s of marketing.


Product - What product or service are you promoting? You will want to pick items that match the tone or market of the product. This can be direct (like pens for a notebook company) or more abstract (bottle opener for a pizza company).


Promotion - What aspect of the product or service do you want to be the main focus? Your product or service may have many benefits, but which do you want to focus on for this promotion? You may want to pick a promotional product that ties to this message and tone. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box!


Place - Where will you be distributing these promotional products? Will this be an office setting or will it be in public or a convention? If the recipient is going to be on the move, it may be best to pick something light or small so it’s easy for them to take. If this is to a team at the office or warehouse, you may be able to use larger items as the recipients can store them or take them home.


Price - What budget is your product or service targeting? Choosing an item that matches this positioning might be a good call. Choosing a promotional item that matches this budget will add to the messaging. Of course, all items we sell are of the highest quality, Price is more tied to the messaging of the promotion.


So what will you choose? It is ultimately up to you, but hopefully this gave you some food for thought on what you will decide for your next promotion. For all inquiries please email sales@kahlerspec.com.


- Until next time!

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