5 Tips to Combat a Creative Block

  • Feb 1, 2020

Working in promotion and marketing is all about communicating a message. From the beginning, these messages and the communications both take great ideas. Occasionally, even the best marketer may run out of these winning bolts of lightning. If you’re facing some blocks to your creativity, try some of the ideas below. They may just get you back on the path to your next great campaign.


Brainstorm - We all remember this exercise from school and it still works in the business world. Whatever problem your facing, try to list solutions. The key is to not edit your ideas. Write whatever comes to mind and then take the best ideas for a second look. This also works great as a group activity. Each team members ideas can spark a new idea and by the end you may have multiple solutions to evaluate.


Exercise - Although the mind is at work to determine solutions and ideas, taking care of your body will help it. Physical activity clearly has many health benefits, but it can also help clear your mind so that you can attack your work with a fresh start. This doesn’t need to be a day at the gym, even a nice walk outside will do the trick!


Get Some Sleep - Rest is important. In our modern work world we all work hard and know that extra hours are a part of the gig. To turn out the best work sometimes we need to put in some overtime. That time has to come from somewhere and a lot of times, sleep is what takes the toll. If you’re feeling a little run down and the ideas aren’t flowing like they usually do, try getting a good night’s sleep. Maybe even a short nap if that’s possible. It sounds simple, but it may be just the trick to clear that creative block.


That Favorite Hobby - You probably have a favorite hobby. Sports, the outdoors, reading, writing, music - any activity that makes you happy. It may seem counter intuitive to play instead of work, but getting your mind off of the project is a good thing. Reconnecting with hobbies you enjoy make you happy and can inspire you. It just may inspire that winning idea!


Try a New Activity - We all love our hobbies and routines, but it’s also good to sometimes try new things. This can be anything from joining a sports club, going a to museum you always pass or try that new restaurant that just opened. New experiences can give way to new ideas and inspire.

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